Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is an urgent issue in the world today.

From habitat loss to trophy hunting, wildlife both in the U.S. and overseas, is facing loss of prey, loss of habitat, loss of space to roam freely, human interaction and inaction, and general disregard of life.

Before the iconic species we know, cherish and respect is gone for good, we must start to protect and conserve it wherever it lives.  From African and Asian lions to each continent’s elephants, Florida panthers, bonneted bats, gopher tortoises, and more–we need to educate, inform and relay the good work of wildlife conservationists everywhere.

Wildlife conservation is ongoing around the world, on the ground in Africa and India, and at zoos, aquariums and marine mammal interaction facilities in cities across the country and world.

My collection of blogs published on National Geographic’s blog site covers several species that are imperiled today,

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