A good friend of mine whom I admire and respect greatly, once told me to do what I am passionate about. I am now at a point in my life where I can follow my dreams before it’s too late.

I’ve been interviewing actors since 1987.  My love affair with the entertainment industry began when I was 5 and my mother sat me down to watch Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  The first film I remember seeing was A Jungle Book. A burning desire to learn more about my favorite talent led to a side job as freelance writer.  I’ve since expanded interviewing actors to background artists.  I hope to add more interviews as this site progresses.  Trust is paramount when interviewing someone.  If someone tells me something and asks me not to publish it, I don’t. If someone wants to read the final draft before publication, I will share the article and listen to any suggestions, and may even revise at their request.  Ethics have always been one of the most important things to me when I interview. These are only samples of some of the articles that have been written and published.

I’m a true Pisces.  I give and give. One of my favorite organizations is located in the Florida Keys. My volunteer work involves the rescue, rehab and release of stranded marine mammals.  I’m also passionate about our American fighting men and women. If I had the funds, I would keep Soldiers Angels Germany well stocked on their needs for our wounded heroes and heroines.

Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to share your thoughts.



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