Posted by: Becca | November 14, 2011

The Face That Launched A Few Good Plots

Michael Irby, Actor


One expression can launch a head full of creative story plots. So can one very good guest starring spot on a popular Sunday night TV series.

Searching for work is no fun. In fact, it’s rather boring. The State of Florida forces one to apply for five jobs per week in order keep receiving unemployment benefits.  Tucked into this mundane work is my need to free my creative juices and hone playwriting skills. That’s where Mr. Irby comes into it.

Give this man any character and he will take it and make it his. This “master of expression” professional flipped my boredom around and I was able to complete two short plays with him in the lead. Several other plot ideas sneak in and soon my imagination is running amok getting him in trouble with his make-believe daughter, teaching a class of high schoolers with nosy questions, dodging verbal hits from a former friend who stole his woman and giving some shit back to those giving it to him. Sit him at the kitchen table with his family and he becomes the brother you wish you had and the apple of your eye.

Come to think of it, thinking of these fun situations to put him in is the reason this blog is so short. Back to work on the next play.


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