Posted by: Becca | February 8, 2011

The Learning Week

Temp work provides a person with the opportunity to do something while waiting for the bigger and better something to come.  I recently completed a temp assignment that was 44 miles round trip. Frankly, I’ve been spoiled for the last 6 years as I was employed only 5 miles from home. This recent, longer commute reminded me of what everyone else has to do every day.

The job was mundane and tedious. Sorting checks and documents alphabetically and numerically for hours on end every day for 5 days a week. You kind of forget how sluggish your thinking becomes when you haven’t worked for a while.  I arrived home from this assignment tired. My brain was tired. My eyes were tired. My body was tired from the stress of rush hour traffic in a busy part of the State.

In the end, it revved up my dedication to finding a new job that I’ll be passionate about and will gladly commute a longer distance than 5 miles every day. It also reminded me of the things I want to accomplish while I have the time to do them.

This new week is filled with opportunities to learn. Two online courses are now complete:

The Poynter Institute’s NewsU

  • Social Media and Journalism
  • Writing Online Headlines: SEO and Beyond

On My Plate:

  • NewsU – Writing with Tone and Voice
  • State of FL’s Linked In Forum

In the middle, helping a friend write content for his website, and working with another friend on some press related items for a film festival.

I’m grateful for the time to be able to accomplish these things.  What’s on your plate this week?


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