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The CSM Upfront-Part Two

By Becca Bryan

January 2009

In Part Two of the interview with Eric Haney, he answers more fan questions and gives us a glimpse of what’s on his plate.

HQ: Thinking about writing any more books about Delta Force?

EH: No, there won’t be any more Delta books. I’ve written all I can about that.

HQ: Do you miss the Army or the missions you were on?

EH: No, I don’t miss any of it. Most of my dreams are still military dreams. But that was 20 years ago. I’ve been retired for almost 20 years now-19 years this this year.

HQ: Could America be safe without a special team like the unit?

EH: Yea, yeah I think it would be safe without it. It’s real use is so limited, so small in actuality. If we’re looking…it’s like cockroaches in the kitchen. You walk into the kitchen, throw on a light and the cockroaches scurry. The radicals of the world that use terrorism to further their aims, if you’re looking, paying attention, it renders them ineffective.

HQ: How many languages could you speak and still speak?

EH: I’m fluent in Spanish. I used to be fluent in German. I spoke it well. It’s almost as difficult as English. I read it okay. I speak Arabic at a childish level, like a five year old. I can read it a bit. I comprehend Italian because Spanish is its first cousin. French-I read it very well. Of all things, when I got a copy of my book Inside Delta Force in Dutch, I read it very easily. It reads so much more easy than German. And I speak some Portuguese.

HQ: So that’s 7 languages. That’s a lot. Is the town right at the border called Haney named after your family?

EH: All Haneys are related. It’s not a town but a small crossroads with a country store. All of us say, “All Haneys live near borders in case we hear there’s a warrant of the grand jury is after us. That way we can jump into the next jurisdiction quickly.”

HQ: That’s quite handy. What other projects are you working on and want to talk about?

EH: There’s the novel series “Tanner”. We’re working on the publishing contract for that right now. It could also be a TV series pilot. We’re working on that contract too. A CIA piece that I wrote in 2008 for Universal. We’re trying to obtain the lead and the director. The lead needs to be an actor with cojones.

HQ: Can you name the leads and director?

EH: No, I can’t right now.

Lest anyone think Eric is idle not working on The Unit this season, think again. He has many projects on the burners. And it has to be said that with this many things going on, he does not show the stress of it at all. Relaxed and at ease, he filled this interview with many fascinating stories he is so great at telling. We simply turned the recorder on and listened with rapt attention, and almost missed our flight home.

Editor’s Note: Inside Delta Force has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide and is currently published in 11 languages.

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