Posted by: Becca | March 24, 2008

More Mack:Why Fans Demand More Max Martini

by Becca Bryan

So you think you know Max? This sexy yet very down to earth actor is not a typical Hollywood artist. He gets bored when complimented too much. In fact, he’d rather joke around with you. 

True hearted, not-afraid-to-put-it-out-there, sometimes wickedly funny, Maximilian Carlo Martini is not just the sexy “Master Sergeant Mack Gerhardt” on CBS’ favorite TV series The Unit. He is a hard working, talented, successful actor, with a sense humor that’s WAY out there and has a heart of gold that he shares with family, community and fans.  When his very popular website was up, it was always a hot and happening place to hang out.  His legion of very loyal fans often found him replying to messages on this forum late at night. In fact, it was on that very website that Max agreed to join a group of fans on the 2007 Walk for Autism. His die-hard fans will once again walk in the 2008 Walk for Autism, a charity favorite of this, in Max’s honor. There is nothing his fans won’t do to support him, Nothing.

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